Hi [mepr-account-info field=”first_name”],

Thank you for joining Sifta.

We are excited to help turbo charge your next website project!

Here’s how to get up and running

  1. Add the Sifta Script to your website.
  2. Add team members to Sifta (sub accounts).
  3. Add team members in [mepr-account-info field=”mepr_integration”] (if they don’t already have an account).
  4. Communicate with your team (email template below for convenience).

That’s it.

Now go build an awesome website!

With thanks,
The Sifta Team.

Email Template

(use your mouse to select, copy and paste to a new email)

Hi Team,

I have signed us up for 2 apps to manage feedback on our website project – Sifta & [mepr-account-info field=”mepr_integration”].

Sifta lets you create digital post-it notes on the things you want changed.

It syncs directly with [mepr-account-info field=”mepr_integration”], where we manage the feedback.

This should reduce back and forth emails, and pasting screenshots. Win!

This animated gif shows how it works.

Next you should receive 2 emails

  • Email from Sifta with your Key (like a password)
  • Email from [mepr-account-info field=”mepr_integration”] (unless you already have an account)

Once you have these, visit the site [insert project URL] and follow the prompts.

You can start providing feedback right away!