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Works in Google Chrome.  Download it here: Google Chrome Extension

Add your project code

Your project code is found in the URL of your task management app. It is the code of the project (board) that you want to connect with Sifta.  Check the screenshots below, or watch the videos.

Visit your Trello Board and check the URL.  The project ID is usually a short number and letter code.  In this example RByLe0xU

Visit your Jira Project and check the URL.  The project ID is usually a 2 letter abbreviation.  In this example JP

Visit your Asana Project and check the URL.  The project ID is the number between the / … /.  In this example the Project Id is 1116846512610868

Create the snippet

Use this form to create the script, then paste it to your website.  It’s just like adding Google Analytics to your site. The script has been designed to have zero impact on website speed for non-Sifta users.  A technical explanation can be found here.


Form Help

Please select the App you usually use.  Currently we support Jira, Trello and Asana. 

More coming soon – tell us which one we should add next!  We’d love to hear from you.

On:  Appears for every visitor to your website.  Recommended for websites during the build phase.  Not recommended for Live websites.  

Off:  Stays hidden until you use the keyboard shortcut – see below .  Can be used on your Live website.   A login is required to see data.

The relevant info will show once you have selected your Task Management App (in the form).

Paste the snippet to your website

The Sifta script doesn’t care where it goes, just as long as it is on every page.   Your website developer should know the best place to put it.  Some common places are – inside the head tag; inside the site footer; inside a tag manager (eg. Google Tag Manager).

Once it is done, visit your website.  You will know Sifta has loaded when you see this button on the top left of your screen.

If you selected default mode = off, you will need to switch Sifta on.

PC Users:    ctrl + alt + ?/    

Mac Users:   + opt + ?/

Having trouble?

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