Spend less time on back-and-forth emails.
More time on creating something awesome!


Drop feedback pins directly on the page

No more confusing or time consuming emails.  Let everyone know exactly what you want changed.


See feedback others have left

The whole team sees all the notes. Know what everyone is work on, and who is responsible for each task.


See the status of each task

Whatever status tags you create in your task management app, Sifta sync’s them through to your website.  Know which tasks are in ‘To do’, ‘Doing’ or ‘Done’ without leaving your website. Keeping stakeholders up to date is a breeze.


Task stamps

Each task is stamped with Pin Number and URL, as well as Browser, Operating System and Screen Size.  Locating and replicating each task is a snap.


Integrates directly with your task management app.

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